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Water stored overnight in copper utensils is essential for hemoglobin synthesis, bone strength, and building immunity. Copper helps achieve digestive health, heal wounds, and relieve pain. Copper is an antioxidant and anticancer that prevents cell damage and slows aging. Copper is the main element that produces melanin (pigmentation of eyes, hair, and skin) in the human body.
Copper, an anti-aging active ingredient, keeps skin supple by fighting free radicals, the main cause behind skin wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet. This antioxidant property becomes an important deterrent for cancer cells, thus reducing your risk of cancer as well.

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Ganeshji Backflow Fountain

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Newrajenterprises provide GaneshJi backflow smoke fountain with 10 smoke

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ganeshji & laxmiji backflow

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Newrajenterprises provide of combo GaneshJi and LaxmiJi smoke backflow comes with a box of 10 backflow incense cones.

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Laxmi ji candle holder

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Laxmiji shadow candle holder formes an enlarged shadow on the wall. dim the lighting around and you can see the shadow of Laxmi Ji in the wall. You can also use a candle holder in your mandir & room as per your convenience.
A perfect gift for all the occasion to your family, friends and your relatives.

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Laxmi & Ganesha tealight holder

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It is made up of metal sheets, with excellent attention to detail finished in gold.
A beautiful Ganesha and Laxmi for decorative the home & to give a gift in all the types of festive to your relative, friends & family.
On the box, there are two candles and two holders (Ganesha&laxmi)
Spread the light with your family and friends.

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Smoke Cones set of 30

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Set of 30 smoke cones, suitable for buddha & Ganesha backflow fountain. It contains the various different fragrances of lavender, jasmine. The cones stay for a period of 10-15 minutes. The fragrances of smoke make a home with lots of positivity and with the natural smell.

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